Yours in Letters,

A big part of my life involves social media. I am constantly connected to Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest…even my job title has the phrase social media in it. So yes, you’re right to assume that I like to sit in front of the computer and talk to my friends instead of IRL (In Real Life, guys.)

Here’s the thing though. I really don’t. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ll call instead of text, leave voicemails (more importantly, LISTEN to voicemails), or insist on meeting up instead of conversing over email. I don’t know what I like about face to face communication, but my inner communication scholar appreciates the “old school” style of communication much more than using our current technology.

Fortunately for me, I have a few friends that share the same appreciation for technology-less communication, and I’ve developed a new, pen-and-ink relationship with them. Especially now that my friends have spread out across the country (the world, actually.), I like to be able to take some time out of my day and write them a letter.

In one of her letters, a pen pal explained that she didn’t really like letters because they feel too one-sided. As I’ve written more and more letters to friends, I felt myself agreeing with her, but I never feel guilty about it. It’s nice to be able to sit down and reflect on everything in my life that’s happened since the last letter. It puts the “big” problems or stresses into perspective, and makes me feel a little better than I did when it was all happening.

So, reader, my challenge to you is to grab a pen and a blank sheet of paper, write until you feel good, throw it in an envelope, address it to whoever you want, and surprise someone into becoming your pen pal (because who doesn’t like to get mail?)


Pen Pals —- Write down your day, week, month, and share!
USPS —-Forever Stamps are great, but theme stamps are better.

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