Vacation from Life

Even though it’s now summertime, not much has changed with my schedule. I continue to work a full week, but try a little harder to get outside more during the day. Nice weather means lunches outside, sunshine until late in the day, and overall happier people.

With the nice weather comes the attitude of summer – vacation. Being able to take the time to sleep in, cross things off of long to-do lists, or just sit around and take in the sunshine. I’m still working my regular hours, which means that although things have slowed down a little bit in the office, I still spend most of my day indoors while friends are taking advantage of half days or summer hours.

Even though I have the weekends to do all the things I enjoy; sleeping in, getting to-do lists done, and catching up on TV, it’s nice to take advantage of vacation time and take a day-long vacation from life. I’ve had wonderfully relaxing vacations from life, and I’ve learned there’s a strategy to them.

First, choose what kind of vacation you’re taking. Are you going to be productive, or relaxed? Although it doesn’t sound it, productive vacations from life can be incredibly satisfying (at least for me, they have been). Relaxed vacations mean ACTUAL relaxation, which is something that some people have a hard time doing. Forget about the cleaning, shopping, and other things that have to get done. Take time for yourself.

If you’re going to be productive, make a list of things you want to get done, because who doesn’t love the satisfaction of drawing a big bold line through a task? I usually add big projects to my lists, realizing that I have the entire day to complete them. Relaxing days can have lists too, but they should include your favorite things; sleeping in, catching up on a TV show, reading, or even trying a new restaurant.

A great way to take an awesome vacation from life is to fall off the grid for the day. Turn off your cell phone, don’t touch the computer, and do everything you enjoy – either by yourself or with a friend.

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