My Work With UpWork

It is not fun to worry about money. I’ve been fortunate throughout my “adulthood” that I can afford rent, food, entertainment, and everything else, but from time to time, my spending gets away from me and I suddenly feel tight for cash. It’s probably because my roommate won’t pay rent. Silly kitty.

I have been a coach, brad representative, salesman…whatever you want to call it for Beachbody a while now, and that provides me with some spending money for very little effort, but I started to poke around for something that was a little more consistent. I started with Beachbody strictly to get a discount, but then my friends and family started to flock around me and purchasing the products! It was a nice bump in my bank account just for sitting on my computer and working out.

First I looked around on CraigsList to see if there were any jobs that resembled my past work for the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus. I worked as their Marketing Director, doing all things social media, web content, and PR. I really enjoyed working in my field but slightly outside of it, too. It helped to develop my portfolio, even! Sadly, no luck on CraigsList. I then found some freelancing websites, including Nope, they don’t pay me to promote it, sadly.

I created my profile and listed my skills, and suddenly Upwork was sending me tons of jobs to “interview” for. I got to list my hourly rate, and “apply” for jobs through simple forms. It was pretty incredible how many people were looking for the same type of work to be done. I was asked to apply for a job doing Pinterest for Marmont Hill, an online art store, and got the gig!

So now I spend my evenings sitting on Pinterest and making money, every 20-something girl’s dream. UpWork has a cool user tool that allows me to turn my timer on and off, so I really do get paid for every minute I’m working. I can also chat right with my “boss,” who I actually don’t ever need to meet or talk to all that often, anyway.

So far it’s been pretty nice. I work when I have the chance, and it’s easy enough (shhh don’t tell my boss) that I can do it with the TV on in the few hours before I go to sleep. It’s not going to replace my full time job, or even my work with Beachbody by any means, but it’s always nice to have a little cushion in your bank account, right?

I know there’s tons of other ways to make money, or even save it, with little effort – any suggestions?



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