I am writing this without intention of going back and editing as I normally do; I’m also falling asleep on my couch.

It’s 10:23. I’ve been falling asleep on my couch for the past half hour, occasionally being woken back up by meaningless notifications from FitBit on my iPhone.

Each time I snap back awake and realize that I fell asleep in the middle of something; most recently this post. I try shaking my head and focusing and I just can’t fight it. Is this where my life is now? Is this how I’m meant to spend my time?

Tonight I had a 2 hour phone call with an old friend where, of course, we talked about what we used to have; the freedom that comes with pre-adult (college) life. We reminisced about the weeknights we would go to the bar, or how much we could drink and still function as though we had a restful 10 hours of sleep the night before. Now, I can barely handle going to work and a quick 30 minute workout without feeling exhausted.

I think I had a direction, somewhere in my non-drunken-with-sleep thought process. But now, readers, honestly and truthfully, I don’t know what I wanted to say. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just tonight, but somehow, my life has shifted a little bit; I’m tired and have such different priorities than I used to. Chalk it up to adulthood, I guess.

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