Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

I’m fairly sure that today isn’t actually October 1st. It can’t be.

How is it that I moved in to my new apartment almost a month ago? I still don’t feel completely settled, but yet I’ve been here for such a long time. I’ve gotten used to the trains that pass through, and the clicks and squeaks of my apartment are now things that comfort me instead of freak me out when I’m sitting around at night.

I titled this post to remind me to explain that adult life, at least for now, isn’t miserable. I heard from so many people when I was still in college that I should stay in undergrad as long as I can, and never go to the real world or be an adult. Graduating college made me nervous, getting the job made me feel a little better, and then moving into my apartment caused me to twist into a downward spiral of panic.

But, just as life does, I moved on. I realized that all of these things had to happen, whether I was ready for them or not. Fortunately for me, I had a lot of people around me to support me and help out when I needed it.

I spent this past weekend at Alumni Weekend, which meant I was continuously asked the question, “so, how’s the real world?” by undergrad students. The only way I could describe it was that I felt different. It’s the feeling that people ask you about on your birthday and then you respond, “nope. I feel the same as I did last year!” But for me I have an inexplicable lightness that comes with all of the different responsibilities I have now.

I’ve also had a ton of fun despite the hectic nature of my job, the new social adjustments, and my financial woes. I’ve met some great people (and some not so great…) and even though I say my life is a joke, at least it keeps me laughing.

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