The Ice Bucket Challege

Although I just recently posted about Why I’m Sick of Facebook and mentioned my feelings regarding the new “dump ice on yourself and call it ALS awareness” fad – I was nominated to participate, and did.

As I mentioned in the video, I have chosen four different organizations to split my $100 “requirement” between, because I would like to take this opportunity to contribute to organizations that have a personal effect on my life, too.

ALS Association – ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that is more commonly known as “Lou Geherig’s Disease.” I am fortunate enough to not know anyone diagnosed with the disease, but I can only assume that by at least one degree of separation, I do. My contribution will aid in research for this disease, which has proven to be terminal in most patients. Some have been lucky enough that ALS had stopped progressing in their body, or even reversed. If anyone I nominated would like to also donate to ALS, I registered as a virtual walker for the upcoming Walk to Defeat ALS in Rochester and would love for your contribution to be given on my behalf. You can find my personal page here.

Geneseo Foundation – It wasn’t too long ago that I graduated from Geneseo, but it’s still an important part of my life, and who I am today. I had taken advantage of so many opportunities including traveling to conferences, studying abroad, and ultimately discovering where I wanted to be after I graduated. Even as an alumni I’m offered plenty of networking opportunities, especially with current students.

Erika’s Lighthouse I have seen depression take a strong hold on those close to me, and I believe that it is especially important to support teens through the difficult feelings they may face. Created in memory of a fourteen year old who suffered from depression, Erika’s Lighthouse strives to educate others about depression and mental illness in young teens as well as encourages support groups in schools for these students.

Scholarship America – For many students, being able to afford a semester’s worth of tuition is the determining factor whether they choose to enroll in courses. I was fortunate enough to attend a four-year state school and earn a degree in that time without much concern for tuition cost, or if I could afford groceries. Scholarship America’s Dreamkeeper fund is designated for students who would otherwise no longer be able to attend college because of a financial crisis. My donation was directed to this fund. Other funds include Dollars for Scholars, Dream Award, and the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund.

Every little bit helps, right?

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