Stuff In My Office: Social Media Strategy

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IMG_2857People ask me what I do for a living, and I start by saying “I work in Marketing at Skidmore.” It’s just…easier. Sometimes people push for more info, and then I have to tell them that I “do social media,” which feels a little strange, because it sounds like I sit on Facebook all day…which, I kinda do.

A huge, huge part of my job is figuring out “what” goes “where.” Every day, I’m told about things that are happening to/for/by Skidmore, and every day, the person that is invested in the thing that is happening thinks it’s the MOST IMPORTANT THING. Which, maybe it is, but…it’s probably not. So, the challenge is figuring out if it’s exciting enough for the readers, how to write about the thing, and where to put the thing.

Sometimes it feels like a panic. Let’s be honest, most days it feels like a panic. It’s why I spend a lot of time thinking. I think about social media, hashtags, pictures, about what’s coming up next, what people will like to read, and what other people are doing. Sometimes it gets overwhelming and random things go everywhere. When that starts to happen, I try to look at my social media strategy, or flip it on its head. Either one.

These Post-Its were a gift from a friend, and awesome. I’m terrible at Tetris, but I loved getting these unique ways to write notes to myself. Little did I know that these fun notes would serve as the ultimate metaphor for Skidmore’s social media strategy. They’re stuck on my wall, fitting together perfectly, and they all support each other.

I spent some time this week to critically think about my strategy, and I started with numbers. I looked at analytics I never had before, and learned SO MUCH. It’s easy to sit and assume what people want, and where they want it, but once I looked at the numbers, I realized I was super off base. So, I built…literally built from Tetris Post-It Notes…a new strategy. Now, it sits next to me to look at each day, until they become unsticky and fall off the wall.

I could ramble forever about social media strategy, but I will spare you of that. Really what it comes down to is these super awesome Post-It Notes, right? Do you have any unique Post-It Notes? I want to see them!

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