Saying Goodbye

The final day had snuck up on me, that’s for sure. All week at work I was busy ensuring that every important file was accounted for, all my emails were responded to, and that my desk was cleaned out. Each day of my last week of work was faster than the last, and suddenly, it was Friday at 3:00.

I had finished clearing out my computer when I realized what time it was. The day was nearly over, and I was done. Files were organized, desk was clean, all of my decorations were off the wall. I had no more responsibility, and it was strange. Everyone continued on around me, but my world had stopped. All I had left to do was sit in my office and wait for the day to end. It felt odd, but for some reason, my upcoming adventure has yet to register in my head.

Even as I said goodbye for what is likely the last time to many of my colleagues after the day was over, I rejected the concept of leaving. I’ve been feeling nothing but stress all week from this move, but my last day felt nearly the same as every other day. I know it will finally click in my head when I spend Monday packing my apartment instead of heading to my usual 9am meeting at the college.

I spent the majority of the day today with my parents, and packed up 80% of my apartment. The rest is the things I need for the next five days before the move. Typing that just now was the first time I had even thought about how little time I have left in my apartment, and in Rochester. Again, it doesn’t feel real. Packing today felt simply like a routine. My parents and I said the phrase “when we get to Albany” so many times I’m still surprised that I haven’t registered what’s about to happen. I’m not going back to work at GCC, I’m not going to see many of my colleagues again, and I’m leaving the city I’ve grown to love in such a short amount of time.

Moving day certainly won’t be easy, but it will help me understand the adventure that lies ahead of me. I have an opportunity to learn and grow with a company filled with exciting, intelligent, and passionate people – the things I’ve learned that are important to me as I develop as a professional. I’m also adventuring to a new city, a place that will be “home” in just a few days. It’s further away from my first (and true) home, but sooner or later, I would have moved away from Buffalo. My family ties and true friendships will remain close no matter what, even if I eventually move to the other side of the world.

There’s still a decent list of things to get done, and it feels strange to be held to a deadline. Moving day will be here before I know it, and if things aren’t tied up…we’ll have a serious problem! There’s no telling what the next five days will bring, but it’s the start of a new adventure!


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