Random Pinterest Find

e8c2f7146b5cda19c7ef95262fffa75cSometimes I’ll randomly go through categories on Pinterest to avoid all of the cakes and mood swings, and today I found this one.

I’ve been making a lot of excuses lately, in running, at work, with my eating habits…nearly everything.

I’m not really sure how to hit the reset button and find the extra energy I need to motivate myself to push forward, but it needs to happen.

Right now, I’ve been finding a little motivation in my first ever fitness challenge group, and it makes me so happy. Any time I want to give up in a workout, or want to eat a little too much food, I think of the people that I’m tasked with motivating. They are all pushing forward, getting closer to their goals and overcoming obstacles, which means I can do it too. For me, and for them.

No more excuses and no more cheating. Let’s go.

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