Giving Tuesday 2016

November 2016


Skidmore College celebrated Giving Tuesday 2016 by initiating a day-long live stream event to reach a 750 donor goal. Despite riding the national #GivingTuesday trend following the Thanksgiving season, it was important to target prospective donors as the event drew near. The online component of the campaign contained three phases. The first, above, was a means of “priming the pump” for our prospective donors; reminding these alumni why they loved Skidmore when they were on campus.


Giving Tuesday Ad 1 Giving Tuesday Ad 2 Giving Tuesday Ad 3

The above images were used in Facebook advertisements to a specific segment of prospective donors the month prior to the event, delivered one week each for five weeks, with two weeks featuring a video about Skidmore’s campus. This campaign involved developing specific messaging to the selected segment, and using Facebook’s Ad Manager to correctly target that segment using the email addresses provided to us by donors. Of the 11,000 donors targeted, 559 gave on the day of the event, and 57% of the 987 total donors who gave during the day-long event. A total of $347,546 was given during this campaign.