I just read this post by Susan Young titled “7 Ways to Be a Kicka** Blogger.” It inspired me to get back here and blog, because I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. I think about this blog almost daily, I really do, but I don’t touch it. I get frustrated with the only topics of my life being weight loss and running, which seems like a bore to most of my (very small number of) readers.

But the blog post that I read by Ms. Young poked me in the side and said “hey, Jackie! Get back over to that blog and write. Write like no one is reading! Find yourself and your passions and get them down on digital paper.” So, here I am. Back to writing about the things that make my world turn around.

I’ve decided to talk today about passion, as so wonderfully described in that inspirational blog post. Passion is important, and I usually find that I don’t have much of it. Passion to me is what makes a person push through the pain, achieve a goal, or do what many think is impossible. I generally lay in the grass and let my life go by, thinking “I could try a lot harder at this, but I really like looking up at the sky.” So, perhaps that is my passion – happiness and comfort. But is that enough? Generally not. If I lived my life strictly on a “does this make me happy?” basis, I would probably be fired from my job for not coming in so often, be incredibly overweight from eating everything sweet or crunchy in front of me, and run out of money from traveling the world.

So, my passion and motivation isn’t strictly driven by happiness, as seen by the torture I put my legs through when I was training to run a half marathon, but yet I find myself lacking motivation in nearly every aspect of my life…work, relationships, fitness…all of it. The question I have to ask myself is why? And, more importantly, where can I find that passion and motivation to achieve greatness?

Is there an answer? I’m not sure, but I’ll have to push myself to be able to find it.

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