Stuff In My Office: Outside

Stuff In My Office is a weekly series where I pick something in my office, and talk about it. Want to share the things that are in your office? You can! Submit the stuff in your office, and it may get posted here!

Today, I am not in my office, and therefore have nothing in my office to show. I’m not in my office today because I am lucky enough to work on a college campus, and itIMG_3058‘s officially summertime. Therefore, I am outside. So, today’s post should really be called “Stuff Outside My Office.”

Summer at Skidmore is marked by the commencement ceremony. Everything is crazy up to that point, and then (at least for my department), it’s over for a little bit. Folks take vacation, the weather gets super nice all of a sudden, and none of us want to do actual work. BUT I PROMISE WE DO!

So today, the Friday before a holiday, I am sitting on the patio of Case Center, our student union. Steely Dan Radio is playing through Pandora, bugs are flying around my head, and I’m finishing up the last of my to-do list before the long weekend. It’s pretty nice.

Enjoy Memorial Day and the sunshine-y weather!

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