New Year, New…Nothing Please.

It’s my first blog post of 2016, and it’s tradition for me to read through my posts from the past year and try to better myself for the future.

2015 was quite the rollercoaster. I rang in the new year sitting on my couch by myself because I was still making friends (and, because I was wiped out from traveling across the state with a cat…more on that later) in Albany, after moving three months prior. Throughout the year, I made friends, had some fun, and learned new things about Albany – things that make me want to stick around a little while longer.

Some Ups:

  • I got a cat this year! For anyone who has met her, you’ll know that Kitty, affectionately known as Potato, is needy, loving, and lazy. She’s peed on my bedspread once, thrown up multiple times from eating too fast, and I haven’t set my alarm clock since her arrival, as she wakes me up at 6am every day to eat. Update: she’s still as fat as the day she got here.
  • I became a Beachbody Coach in February, after trying out the 21 Day Fix and a bunch of other things. I made money, lost weight, made new friends, and helped so many others.

Some Downs:

  • I wasn’t happy in my job. I was nervous to try out a new field, and quickly found out it wasn’t quite right for me. It was hard to admit it to myself, and it didn’t all shake out the way I really wanted it to, but it was a learning experience nonetheless.
  • I lost control of my own brain. I started seeing a therapist and learned about my depression, which was a scary process for me. This one really is more of an up, though, because I’ve taken a lot more control of myself over the years, thanks to my therapist and some amazing supporters around me.

I ask for nothing new this year because the past two years have been filled with change. New cities and new jobs, unexpected crazy that was thrown at me, a cat, new workout routine, new car, and making new friends. Of course, everyone has their own “stuff” to deal with, but I could really use some routine.

So, instead of resolutions for the new year, I have decided a few new things I would like to fold into my routine.

  • It’s been a goal of mine forever, but I plan to spend an hour a day learning web programming/development and surrounding fields. Thankfully, I have access to a variety of online lectures that I can follow along. Suggestions are also welcome on learning tools!
  • This blog as been a little wishy-washy, and I envy my friends who have consistent blogs with weekly themes. So, this year, you guys will be reading super consistent and slightly themed blogs! Including but not limited to recipes, adulting, and the saga of my first goal.
  • Finally, I am crowdsourcing a 2016 reading list! I have gone numb from binging several series on Netflix and Hulu, and really need to do something aside from staring at yet another screen all day after I get home from work. So, give me your suggestions!

Happy 2016, friends!


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