New Attempt at Organization

I explained a few weeks ago that I’ve been trying to figure out how to schedule my life outside of work. I’m still struggling, hard, but I think I’m getting closer.

I’ve opted to use Google Calendar. I spent days looking for websites, apps, or even planners that made sense to me and did what I needed, but I really couldn’t.

My priorities are:

  • Assign tasks to specific dates
  • Keep separate calendars to note upcoming events (with times and without) for four different categories
  • Keep task lists with and without dates between different categories
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily view

All the other stuff, the goal setting, week-long overarching to-do list, thinking about myself five years in the future…I don’t need that. And for some reason, I can’t find exactly what I need in one comfy place.

So, I settled on Google Calendar. It’s serving as my training schedule for my half marathon, task list by day, content calendar for this blog PLUS the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus PLUS working as a coach for Beachbody, promoting the awesome 21 Day Fix challenge group I’m starting on April 6th.

It’s not exactly where I want it to be, but I guess it’s close enough. I think once it becomes more of a rhythm and second nature, I’ll feel overly dependent on it…just like I am on my phone.

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