My December Challenge

Over a year ago, when I started this blog, I told myself I would do something new each month for either my physical or mental self. I started decently strong, but the challenge idea faded very quickly. I am proud to say that I picked up some good habits along the way, like reading more, but some escaped me fast (cut to my yoga mat collecting dust. I really do like it….)

But now, just before 2015 and false hope of New Years resolutions, I’m back on it. AND, it’s a challenge I invested money in, so that means I HAVE to do it, right? Right.

A friend of mine had participated in the 21 Day Fix in the past, and after seeing her second round of before/after pictures, it was something that I began to look in to. I have always felt a little stuck in my exercise routine, and now that I’m not training for a half marathon, my motivation to exercise, run, or anything really, is gone.

The timing was perfect. I decided that I would order the required materials (some colored containers for food control and some workout DVDs) before Thanksgiving so that I had no excuse to not start out on December 1 – it’s a Monday, Thanksgiving is over, Hanukkah is coming up…the stars had aligned.

Even before I officially “started” 21 Day Fix, it’s been a bit of a challenge. Instead of thinking of food in points from my Weight Watcher days, or now in calories in/out from my FitBit stats, I have to think of food in terms of colors and containers. I’m limited to a certain number of containers per day, and need to be sure I eat (most) all of them, because I’ll be working out every day of the week for the next 21 days.

So now, it’s the night before I have to wake up for my first workout. I’m excited about a new exercise routine, but very nervous about the food. Right now, based on my limited experience with using 21 Day Fix’s food containers, I’ve noticed it’s very limiting. I have a list of foods that coincide with a specific colored container, but what about when I eat out at a restaurant or a friend’s house? How to I translate a cheeseburger into a container? I’m just not sure.

If anything, this challenge will help me to get used to exercising more of my muscle groups than just my legs, and hopefully help me drop my final fifteen or so pounds I still want to lose. It’s 21 days, that’s it. Three weeks, then family, more friends, and hopefully not gaining all of it back.

I’m also on the hunt for recipe ideas and overall words of wisdom, so please feel free to share them here!

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  1. I bought this too! And lasted about a week. I may try again after the holidays. The workouts are HARD! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I’m on day four and feeling pretty good! I don’t really love the eating plan. I guess I was spoiled by Weight Watchers when I could eat whatever I wanted, as long as I was accountable for it. But, it’s only 3 weeks so I hope I can make it!

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