My Coaching Story

Over the weekend, I finally did something that has been on my “goal” list for a while. I sent a newsletter out to 50 people. It doesn’t sound like much, but I was pretty excited about it.

I’ve been working as a Beachbody Coach for a while now, and when I first started out, I was excited to help others the same way my coach helped me. I figured that it would last a few months, and then die out…simply because I didn’t think I had much time to reach out past my own network of friends, or publicize the great programs that are available. To be quite honest, as interested as I was in helping others, I was also interested in the financial aspect of being a coach. 25% discount, and 25% commission? No requirement for making any sort of minimum sales per month? As a near-broke twentysomething, the earning potential, as small as it may have been, was at least something. The biggest pro was that I could do it all on my own time. That was something I really needed.

Then, all of a sudden, more and more people reached out to me as I shared my story. I was overwhelmed with excitement. So many people were trusting me with their insecurity, just as I had felt (and, sometimes still feel) almost a year ago. I got to watch them be successful, occasionally stumble, and help them back up as their journey continued. They equally inspired me to get up and keep going, which is something I wasn’t expecting to gain when I signed up to coach.

Suddenly, some of those people I was helping wanted to help, too, and I reached an actual rank in the Beachbody world. Something that I wasn’t aiming to achieve at all. Three of my friends had signed up to be coaches, and started to inspire their own group of friends. It was amazing.

With my Emerald rank, and reaching 50 members of my fitness team, I wanted to push a little harder. I crafted my first ever fitness newsletter (subscribe here), and excitedly pushed “send” this weekend. Even though I had a smaller open rate (and an even smaller click through) rate than I thought I would, I was still really excited about sending it. This newsletter marked a really great milestone for me; in my coaching business and in my life.

Being a coach is a reflection of how far I really have come. I get discouraged (very, very often) about the number on the scale, or the way I look in certain clothes. But, everyone does. Everyone has a “something” that they wish were different about themselves. 30 pounds ago, I didn’t know anything about proper nutrition, healthy choices, or how to exercise (let alone doing it). Now, I’m making healthy choices, exercising daily (sometimes more than once), and serving as an inspiration to others. I don’t say it enough, but I’m pretty proud of myself.

So, of course now I’m on a bit of a “kick” when it comes to all of this coaching stuff. I’m working with coaches and fitness team members across the country (and, technically the world because one of my team members is in the UK!), and it’s really incredible to watch all of these strangers make their own connections. When I signed up, I had a “whatever happens, happens” mentality. Now, I can’t wait to see where this will take me.

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