#MotivationMonday: Why I Didn’t Have Memorial Day Plans

Memorial Day! A day where many forget about the true meaning and replace it with ‘MERICA, barbecues, shopping, beer, and the outdoors, but are quickly brought back to reality from the myriad of remembrance posts on Facebook.

I don’t remember have too many “typical” American Memorial Days in my lifetime, neither outdoor activities with my family nor, as incredibly fortunate for me, somber remembrances of those in my life who have passed. This Memorial Day was my first one in Albany, and I didn’t have any plans in particular. At first I was a little bummed out because the weather was supposed to be ideal, but then I was ok with it.

I was content with my empty schedule because I realized how much I truly had to do. I work hard to spend my time after I get home from work to stay on top of my responsibilities (this blog, my podcast, helping others with fitness goals, the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus…not to mention cooking and cleaning), and I always feel just a little bit behind. Not enough that I need to catch up immediately, but always a half step away from the finish line.

I looked at my to-do list, my upcoming week’s to-do list, and my long term, “do it eventually, maybe” list, and realized that I really could have a productive day. So, I decided to use my Monday as a #MotivationMonday.

My to-do list was long. It spanned everything from working out to brushing my cat. I posted a ton of things for sale on eBay (if you’re interested in anything, let me know. I can take it down!), cleaned a ton of surfaces, focused myself, and even checked some things off my “do it eventually” list, which felt really good.

I hadn’t taken a full day (or, more than a few hours) to try to be productive in a long time, and it was longer than I realized. Now, I’m at least caught up, and even a little ahead, of where I wanted to be.

It may not be a Monday, but I recommend taking a day, making a list, and completing it. Before you try to have a motivational day, I would recommend:

  • Make a list early in the morning of things you want to get done. Be realistic about time and everything else in your life. I’m lucky that I don’t have children to take care of or anyone else in my apartment to distract me.
    • WRITE the list down! Don’t make it in your head! It will keep you accountable and you wont forget the promises you made yourself.
  • Prioritize the list, or at least organize it. Maybe you have to prep all your meals and clean the kitchen. You’ll want to meal prep before kitchen cleaning, so you don’t have to do it all over again!
  • Eliminate distraction. I’m guilty of doing work while watching TV (probably why I’m constantly a little behind). On #MotivationMonday I didn’t turn the TV on until much later in the day. Facebook is an equal distractor, try to eliminate it!
  • Cross things off your list! It’ll keep you going.

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