Making Goals, and Meeting Them

Recently, I’ve spent every evening feeling very anxious, and a little overwhelmed.

I’ve been working harder this past week to focus on my part-time position as the Marketing Director for the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus, as well as my dedication to motivate others as a fitness coach (which has been going amazing!).

I have a lot of balls in the air right now, my real job, the chorus, coaching, training for the half marathon, podcasting, blogging, trying to make friends, my cat…and…sleeping. Yeah, that’s a thing, too. It’s left me feeling anxious, overwhelmed, busy, and tired. So, so tired.

So, I tried to set goals for myself. I was happy with my list, and happy that I even got that far. But now, it’s a matter of actually achieving them. I’ve tried to do lists, lists on my phone, prioritizing tasks, waking up in the morning and reciting positive things to myself…pretty much everything.

I haven’t really figured it out yet. which is frustrating, and adds to my anxiety. In the back of my brain, I know that I have to say goodbye to something, one of my responsibilities that has taken up so much of my time, but what? My work with the chorus helps pays my bills, podcasting, blogging, and coaching are things I love that make me happy…the half marathon is already paid for…so, how do I make the choice?

I guess I don’t, maybe. I keep trucking along, pushing through the next few weeks, and getting myself to one finish line at a time. Finish line number one: edit this post, make tomorrow’s dinner, and head to sleep. Small victories.

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