Kicking Off 2015

Now is the time of year when everyone is “hitting the reset button” and “starting fresh” with every aspect of their lives. Organization, motivation, new goals. It’s the magic of the season, I guess. For me, I haven’t done much in the ways of resolutions or goal-setting. The transition in to 2015 has, so far, just felt like another weekend to me.

Maybe it’s because I’ve now been in Albany for three short (long? I’m not sure) months and starting to truly settle that I haven’t found any new goals for myself. They’re the same as they’ve always been…you guessed it, weight loss. I’m going to again try out the 21 Day Fix, and then after it ends, begin training for the Nashville Rock and Roll Half Marathon scheduled for the end of April.

2015, at least, as far as I can tell right now, doesn’t hold too much for me. I’ll be in Albany, working and not doing to much else. But of course, it’s a little early to determine what the next year holds.

The picture of KC, my new cat (oh yeah, that’s a thing. I have a cat now), is a pretty accurate depiction of 2015 so far – lazy. I rung in the new year on my couch with her, and spend the weekend being all around lazy. It’s tough because I find myself having less and less reasons to interact with the outside world, and I don’t love feeling alone/bored all the time.

So I guess my two 2015 resolutions are:

  1. Learn how to better take care of a cat, because it’s been a bit of a battle so far. Post to come.
  2. Make friends, and get out of my apartment – especially on weekends.

I also plan to re-start using the website, which I used in 2014 for a short time. I hope it can become a way for me to recognize the awesomeness of every day, not just the big stuff. Kind of like #100HappyDays, but more like #1HappyYear.

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