Juggling and Scheduling

I’ve been having a really hard time keeping my responsibilities straight lately.

I’ve mastered it at work. I have a running “to do” list, and each day I write down my daily “to do” list. That list doesn’t ever get added to or altered, unless there’s an extreme emergency. It keeps me focused and feeling accomplished.

My life outside of work is so much different. I work a part time job 100% digitally, and have other “life to dos” that just float around my head. I can’t get myself organized outside of the office, and I’m really not sure how. I was debating a new, shiny, planner to keep myself straight outside of work, but then I started thinking about my reliance on technology.

Today was the official announcement on the specifics of the Apple watch, and it got me thinking about what I can do to keep myself organized. I’ve become so grossly reliant on technology lately that, even though I know that planner would be the best way to organize myself, I can’t justify buying it.

Paper planners make the most sense to me. I like having the papers to flip through; the pens to write with. Although tech is my job and my life, it annoys me. Everything feels disorganized and scattered, even if it is all in one app. Yet, my paper planner won’t sync to other things in my life. Paper planners can’t be quickly edited or referenced on the fly. But, really, I’m most comfortable with them.

So now I’m sitting here, justifying a $60 planner or buying the $400 Apple Watch, trying to figure out what is going to get all my “other” work done and keep me focused. I’m still lost and confused, but hopefully will figure it out soon.

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