I’m watching Scandal live.

If you haven’t read in a while, let me catch you up. I’m in a new city, and I hardly know anyone.

I thought I would get antsy and bored by being in a new place without any close connections, but I’ve kept myself fairly busy. My 3 or 30 challenge has helped, and so has the rest of the work I’ve had to get done around my apartment, including perusing Pinterest for decorating ideas on a nightly basis.

As strange as it is, I’ve been excited to not have many connections here. I know it won’t last too long; everyone needs friends at some point, but right now, for the first time ever, I’m watching Scandal as it airs and not 3 days later on Hulu.

I look back on all the moments when I was stressed out beyond the normal human level of stress. I blogged about it, cried myself to sleep, complained to close friends, and spiraled down into a deep, dark place of self-hatred. It’s nice that at least for now, I’m on the other side of that place. I’m watching my TV show as I want to, and I’m going to read myself to sleep tonight!

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