If you ever need a motivation to get yourself to start running, sign up for a Color Run.

Yesterday, I ran in the Color Run in Buffalo with 10,000 other people. This was the first 5K I had ever signed up for (but not the first one I ran!) and at the time, I could huff and puff through about a mile. I knew a good number of people that were also signed up, and I decided to go for it. My best motivation is avoiding looking like a fool in public, which pushed me to get new running shoes, and put them to good use.


Even though I had to wake up at 6:30 that morning, it was all worth it. The Color Run is full of energetic, exciting people, all super willing to motivate you throughout the race. Even before the race started, we were having fun with the pre-party, doing Zumba and dancing on our own.

Even during the race, excitement is everywhere. It is 100% appropriate to stop in each “Color Zone,” roll around, scream, dance, hug, or anything else you want. You’ll high five hundreds of people as they run in the opposite direction next to you, which will keep you going (even though the next color station is just around the corner!)

The #1 reason why I recommend a Color Run to anyone that wants to be a runner is because there’s no timer. That means no pressure to finish fast or within a certain goal that you set in your head. As long as you’re smiling, running alongside your buddy, having fun, and COVERED with color, you did it right.


Here are my Color Run tips:

1. Put all your items In a plastic bag and carry it as you run if you’re worried about them being covered in color. Nothing is safe, but you can also wipe off the color pretty easily after its over. I have a white iPhone, so I didn’t want to risk it.

2. Cover everything on the inside of your car. I used king size bed sheets. It was nice to not have to do an odd dance or worry about my seats after the race was over.

3. Dress up! Lots of people were wearing tutus, neon socks, and other fun outfits.

4. Take the cliche picture of everyone throwing up packets of color. I think it looks awesome. Also, have someone take a picture of you with everyone throwing packets of color behind you.

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