Getting Used to a New Routine

It’s now the end of day four of my 21 Day Fix challenge and I’m certainly getting used to it, which was surprising to me. I thought that waking up early to work out and following a food plan that doesn’t reflect my life would be tougher at this point, but it’s not.

What continues to be a struggle for me is the diet. I’ve planned all my meals for the week already, so I know exactly how many portions I’m “spending” each day, but it doesn’t give me too much wiggle room. I’m encouraged to snack throughout the day, but that just means I eat less for dinner later in the day. Lately, I’ve been feeling hungry more often than normal, especially at night. I’m not sure if this is strictly from increasing my activity levels overall or because I’m having cravings from lack of sugar, but I never know what to do in those situations.

Weight Watchers taught me to snack on low-point or even zero-point foods. I loved to drink water and grab a bag of carrots, but now those carrots are equivalent to a whole container portion for the day. It’s been a challenge.

I’m also tired; much more tired than I normally am. It’s been hard for me to go to sleep earlier, but I’m trying to now that I’ve been waking up at 6am to work out. I find myself losing productivity and motivation around 3:00, and getting ready for bed at 9:30. I know it’s from a combination of less sleep and working harder, but I don’t want to sacrifice my mental heath just for the physical.

So, for now, I’m going to keep on truckin’. 17 more days!

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