Getting Settled

Yesterday was the big day, my first day at the new job. First days usually aren’t too exciting, in my opinion. It’s spent getting settled in and ready to go, and that’s how yesterday was. I was so used to a 6am wake up that I was motivated to get up and head out for a run. I had forgotten that the sun wouldn’t have risen until closer to 7, not giving me enough time to head out, but I did a workout video in my living room instead. 3 or 30 challenge for the day: check! It was a good way to start the day.

I’m used to a half hour commute to work. It gives me time to drink my coffee, listen to my book on tape, and get ready for the day. It wasn’t always convenient, especially in the terrible winter weather, but I grew to like it. Now, my commute is about 6 minutes. It was a little bit strange, but not something I hate entirely. I’m considering buying a bike, but may wait until the summer comes. It will be nice to not have to fill up my gas tank so often!

I spent the day doing just what I expected. I set up my computer, filled out forms, and started to get settled in. It’s strange to be thrown into a group of people who all are working diligently, while I feel like I didn’t have much to do. It’s what comes with the “new-ness,” and I know it will go away soon.

I was very excited to meet the team again, and start to observe how everything works in the office. There’s an obvious learning curve, between the software, culture, and lingo which is a little overwhelming, but expected. I’m fortunate to be working for a small and supportive team who I’m already comfortable enough to ask questions to!

My apologies to the readers, family, and friends who wanted this post to be more exciting. I’m sure I’ll have more stories, and a better understanding of the job and company in a few weeks – check back then!

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