Gearing Up Again!

I’m really excited because my first-ever challenge group was so awesomely successful. I had nearly 20 people participate, and 10 got back to me with their final loss totals. We lost over 70 pounds, and I can only assume that those who didn’t respond lost about the same…so I would say that in March, I helped people lose a total of over 100 pounds. ONE. HUNDRED. POUNDS.

That’s as much as 100 pounds of feathers! I was BLOWN away by the thought, and still am. I’m having such a hard time putting my feelings into words about this past month. I mentioned in an earlier post that I started coaching just because I wanted to; it was something that I wanted to try and see if I could help others. I never thought I could feel this way after just one month.

And now, I’m gearing up again; this time with close to 30 people. It makes me so happy inside! nearly 30 people, either my friends and family or those who are separated by one degree, want to start making healthy choices, lose weight, or tone up. It’s really amazing to be the person to help others take the first step, because really, that’s the hardest one.

GAH! I didn’t think that all of this would change me so much. It not only makes me feel amazing to watch others succeed, get strong, fit, skinny, healthy, and confident, but it focuses me so much more.

Now when I want to cheat on my meal plan, give up early on a run, stop before my 30-minute workout video is over…I think. I think about all of the people in the challenge group that I’m tasked with motivating, and it pushes me harder. If I can’t motivate myself to get outside my comfort zone, how can I motivate others?

I’m starting up my next challenge group on April 6th, and my personal goal is to reach 35 people committed to the challenge. Crossing my fingers that I get there! 🙂

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