Everything’s Bigger In Albany

My last few birthdays haven’t been anything super special. Dinner with friends, some cake, and some phone calls from family. But of course, as I get older, going to Chuck E Cheese gets more and more creepy.

IMG_4127Even though it wasn’t over the top, this year’s birthday was really fantastic. I didn’t expect much out of this birthday because my family is back in Buffalo, and I don’t have too many connections here yet. I planned to meet some new friends out, have a drink or two, and head back home.

Well, I did have two drinks. Two very large drinks. What is with this city and large vessels of alcohol for your birthday?

It started off with a large mason jar of liquor. I haven’t done much drinking for the past few months or so, because I have been so focused on losing weight, and getting that much liquor was probably not the best idea. My tolerance is not where it used to be!

Then, of course, it was on to stop #2, where I was served an incredible amount of hard cider in a large teacup. So much sugar, and so much alcohol, so fast.

I realized that the reason why I enjoyed this birthday so much was because I finally let go, and stopped punishing myself for unhealthy choices. I was surrounded by people I can call my new friends, in a place that I’m slowly starting to get used to calling my home. It’s been less than a year, but I’ve found myself much more settled than I thought I would be!

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