Done and Done.

Lately, I’ve gotten into a rhythm. More like a rut, actually.

I started the 21 Day Fix for the first time in December, which got me used to waking up before work and doing a 30-minute exercise routine. I used to hate doing anything but running, but after the Wine and Dine Half, I really needed something that wasn’t so high-impact on my knees and ankles. The exercises were great for me, because I had to follow a schedule. I like schedules and plans and charts.

I kept up the exercise routine up until today (and I plan to continue it, don’t worry), sometimes even doing two exercises a day, as recommended by the program. It just became a part of my day; which was simple to do because I still don’t have plans after work most days each week.

My rhythm extended past my workouts, though. Back on my 23rd birthday, I made a few resolutions. I haven’t really been sticking to everything (namely the “staying positive” thing), but I did do one of them, at least. I finished all 7 Harry Potter books. I found myself reading more often before I left for work if I had some time, or reading before bed instead of just mindlessly browsing the internet. I was excited to finish, and it was really fun to read the whole series straight through. It felt like binge-watching a TV show. But now that it’s over, I’m not sure what to do! Obviously, I now need to watch all the movies (probably not straight through….), but I’m looking for some recommendations for a new book (hopefully a series) to start up. Right now, I have nothing, and it feels weird. I want to read, which is a desire I don’t remember having in years.

On a less-intelligent note, I also finished catching up on Parks and Recreation, which just became another part of my day. I would sometimes squeeze an episode in before work, and watch four or five a night while I was skimming the internet and catching up on emails. Again, I found myself in a rhythm.

All those little rhythms together combined to form my day. Up at six, work out, shower, TV or reading, work, home to work out, dinner with the TV on, internet, reading, sleep. This has been my rhythm since December; nearly two months, and now it’s all about to be a little thrown off for a few reasons. First, finishing my reading and binge-watching, but also because I have to flip my exercise routine a week from today. I’ll be training for yet another half marathon, which means more frustration, sore shins, running outside, and pushing myself.

So, I’m done with one routine and picking up another. Aside from my training schedule, I’m also working on one of my resolutions (a tad late) from last year; learning more about web programming and development. I purchased a handful of discounted online courses from udemy, and hope to dedicate a few hours/week to them as a part of my new routine, too.

Is that what life should be, though? Getting into rhythms? In college, most days were different than the day before; but is that just the nature of college? Should I be satisfied with knowing that each of my days will look essentially the same as the one before it? I’m not sure.

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