Stuff In My Office: The Bulletin Board

Stuff In My Office is a weekly series where I pick something in my office, and talk about it. Want to share the things that are in your office? You can! Submit the stuff in your office, and it may get posted here!

image1When I started at Skidmore, my entire office was empty. It was a weird feeling of “new,” with blank walls and minimal furniture. It felt like a clean slate for me, especially considering everything I had gone through the months before, and I was really excited.

I had a whole vision in my mind that I was going to have a really well put together office – everything would match and have a “feel,” which was an opportunity I missed a lot at my last open-office job. I started to bring in a few little knick knacks I didn’t have space for in my apartment, but it didn’t feel quite right to me. Honestly, it still doesn’t.

Then I got this bulletin board. This HUGE bulletin board, with nothing to put on it. Is it all professional things? Thank you notes and achievement certificates? Or is it the fun stuff? The stuff that allows people to walk in, take a look at it, and learn what kind of person I am? So far, it’s a little empty. A few stickers and a pin. But, I am so excited to fill it up!

I’m going to be grossly cliche and use this board as a metaphor, so bear with me. I’m still pretty new in this job, and figuring out where I want to be and WHO I want to be. This board is going to help me figure that out. It’s literally a blank space for me to watch myself grow, and share my personal self with those around me. I have no idea what types of things will fill the board, or what memories they’ll be associated with, but I can’t wait to find out.

Of course, readers, we’ll revisit this board as it gets filled…stay tuned!

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