An Official 5K

Unofficially, my first month’s healthy change was my eating habits. It was in part to lock down on my lack of self control when food is around, but mostly to lose weight.

Yes, everyone says this, that they need to lose weight. They’ll go on crash diets, hit the gym three times a day, or (my favorite) explain that they’re “cutting back on carbs” while they’re eating a bowl of ice cream.

I was surrounded by all of these things constantly. And while I already had (admittedly) lower-than-normal self esteem regarding my physical image, it didn’t help that I had skinny friends who were trying to get skinnier by living at the gym, not eating real meals, or “detoxing” for days on end by drinking water and eating some powder-water mix during mealtime.

My new job in June inspired a new way of life. I joined Weight Watchers, and will admit that I was incredibly embarrassed when I started. Why? Couldn’t explain it. My embarrassment was alleviated after two weeks, when I was already seeing results. I lost seven pounds in four weeks, and I know that weight is gone forever, not flushed down the toilet from water detoxes, or eliminated from starvation.

Along with eating better, I started up at the gym again. I have a love-hate relationship with the gym, as in I love to go, but hate the amount of time I have to spend there. I am convinced I have some mild form of ADHD, because the only reason I want to get off the treadmill is because I am bored of listening to music, or even watching TV (because I have a fancy gym with TVs attached to machines).

I chose to force myself into running by singing up for a 5K. A Color Run, to be specific. Nothing motivates me more than not looking like a complete idiot while I’m in public. Because of that, I’ve become much more dedicated to running outside, for more than just 10 minutes, or even 1 mile. If only I could record the conversations that I have with myself in my head to get myself to run further. That will be a blog post for a later date.

Which leads to the actual title of this post – an official 5K. There was a Corporate 5K in the area, and a co-worker sent out an all-user email encouraging people to sign up for the team.

This was pre-race, so that we looked halfway decent.
This was pre-race, so that we looked halfway decent.

I thought about it, saw the date, and said “eh, It’s pretty soon, I haven’t ever tried running a 5K, and I don’t really know anyone…I don’ think I’ll do it.” You’ll get used to the inner-Jackie being a complete wuss and not wanting to do anything. Don’t worry, I get mad at her too.

I was fortunate enough to have two co-workers sign up, and encourage me to do the same. Regrets? NONE! I had never run a 5K in full (the closest I had gotten in my training was 2.77 miles) nor have I ever been a part of a massive, near-500-runner race. No pictures are included of me running because there is nothing attractive about it (fellow runners, back me up here.) Now, I’m signed up for 2 more 5Ks before the end of the year, and hoping to sign up for the 10 mile race in Disney in October of 2014.



Weight Watchers —- Don’t starve yourself. Learn about portion control and read serving sizes!

Corporate 5K —- Find new ways to motivate yourself. It might be in signing up for a 5K, getting a gym buddy, or listening to Jillian Michaels tell you to go harder, faster, and longer.

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