2014 Summary

It is 11:31pm on December 31st, and I’m going to attempt to summarize 2014 before the year ends (while I’m watching the PitBull NYE countdown because I can’t get Kathy and Anderson on my TV). Ready, go.

I actually read through most all of the blog posts I’ve written in 2014, and can summarize it in a few points:

Joining Weight Watchers changed me, for better or for worse. I joined Weight Watchers in 2013, but it has permanently changed the way I think about food. Now, food and meals are calculated. They’re numbers, or “good,” “bad,” or “ok.” It’s weird and hard for me to explain, but I still can’t tell if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Yes, thinking like this prevents me from grabbing “bad” things all the time, but it also makes me crazy. Whether I was counting Weight Watchers points or calories, I would step on the scale and beat myself up about the choices I had made the previous week. Really, joining Weight Watchers changed my whole outlook on life; prioritizing health, fitness, and calorie counting. Which leads me to point two.

I’m way too hard on myself. This is a trait that I’ve had for as long as I could remember. Grades in school, bowling, and now weight loss and running. Woah. Thank you to every person who has read my blog, or listened to me complain in real time. Yeesh. I’ll try to tone it down as I move forward.

I think things aren’t a big deal, and they are. I moved to Rochester in 2013, but then jetted off to Albany thinking it was no big deal. I never realized how hard a move like that would be, even though it was only three hours away. Truthfully, I could have moved to California and it would have felt the same. New place, not too many strong connections, and jumping into a totally new job.

I’ve done some pretty awesome things. I ran two half marathons, went on awesome vacations, and made some great friends. I also did things that I didn’t mention in my blogs, which were equally as great, including starting a podcast, higher ed social, blogging more on average, reading six of the seven Harry Potter books, and getting a cat.

Yeah, 2014 had some downs too. I lost a lot of friends, a few very close to my heart. It still hurts, but a fact of life. I went into negative spirals, thinking that I made the wrong choice, but really, only 2015 will tell.

I don’t have too many resolutions that I can think of, but I guess one that I’ll always keep is to blog more. It gives me a release, and a chance to re-analyze my day. Hopefully, readers, my content will span wider than just running and weight loss!

Happy 2015!

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