Why I Take the Train

This weekend I went back to Buffalo, and even though it’s an extra hour on the commute, I took the train…like I always do. I really like it, despite the extra time, poor wifi connection, and potential to sit next to a smelly stranger.

I like the train, first and foremost, because I don’t have to drive. No driving means no traffic, no construction, and no weather hazards. But, not driving also means I get the chance to read, sleep, catch up on TV, and think.

This train trip let me think about a lot of things.

I thought about all my responsibilities. It was overwhelming. I thought about work and everything I want to do, thought about my responsibilities for the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus and how I’ve let them slip, and realized I have also been slipping in my eating habits…hard.

It was a frustrating train ride, thinking so much. I got caught up in what I thought was failure and it was fairly saddening. Sometimes I get lost in my own head, and when I have five hours to sit and think, it’s not always a good thing.

So, now I’m back, and desperate to re-focus. I’m back to my life-organization technique, planning meals, tracking food. I need to get back to my routine, focus, and pull myself together.

But, I still like taking the train.

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