Why Alumni Rock

I was pretty involved in college. Ok, that’s an understatement.

I was crazy in college. My calendar was color coded in 20 different ways to indicate the difference between the clubs and organizations I was in, group meetings I had to go to, social activities, staff meetings, and…oh, classes too. I loved being busy, and I felt connected to my campus because of how much time I spent on it (and that doesn’t count the times I was sleeping in my room in a residence hall).

Today I took advantage of an Alumni meetup activity for the first time since graduating, other than Homecoming weekend. Thanks to the awesome network that is Geneseo, the Alumni Association coordinated a super fun (and incredibly reasonably priced) trip to the Bills v. Chargers game.

It was a neat experience, looking around at a group of people, who for the most part don’t know each other, and realize that we all have one thread that connects us. Old and young, with kids or not, we’re all graduates of the same place. We had similar experiences, know the lingo, and have the opportunity to reflect on our time at Geneseo while learning things about “back in my day” and “now this is how it works.”

Being in Buffalo, you never know what weather to expect. It called for rain, but the weather was gorgeous all day. The Bills were nothing short of a disappointment, but having the unique experience of watching the game next to Geneseo grads made it all ok.

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