What I’ve Gotten Out of Being a Beachbody Coach

Lately, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about this “coach” thing I do, and why I even do it. Let me first tell a little bit of my story, and define what the word “coach” means.

I started trying out the 21 Day Fix almost a year ago. It was the first time I actually tried any sort of weight lifting, and the first time I tried working out at home instead of at the gym. I wanted to be healthier, thinner, and stronger, so I kept at it. Like any fitness journey, I’ve had my ups and downs, but I really liked having a plan to follow along with.

Then, I was presented with the opportunity to coach. First, admittedly, I laughed at the thought. A coach? Me? No way. I’m not strong, I’m not all that knowledgable about food and fitness, or even the other Beachbody programs that are offered. How would I be a coach?

But I jumped in anyway. And I don’t regret it.

So what do I really do? A lot of really amazing things.

  • Coordinate “challenge groups,” which become online support groups with loads of people (some nearly 100 people) who are all looking to lose weight and change their lives. These groups build ties that would have never been established between people across the country (and, the world, yep.) with similar experiences and goals
  • Watch others work toward their goal, and crush it
  • Inspire those around me to make healthier choices and challenge themselves
  • Become a sounding board, resource, and means for my close friends and not so close friends to feel as though they’re not alone in their struggles
  • Build a team of coaches who work alongside me to do the same for their circles of influence

It does take up my time; sometimes a lot of it, and sometimes a little bit, but really, there’s been some great reasons to stay.

The people
I wasn’t expecting to be thrown in to such a huge network of people across the country. I knew that I was on a “team” that included a close friend of mine, my own coach, but I didn’t realize how far this network spread. I’m now one of thousands of coaches all over the country, who have such a beautiful variety of experiences, both in life and in coaching, that I always have someone to talk to. I’m inspired by them constantly, and learning new ways to help others, too.

The money
I can’t lie and pretend that money wasn’t a reason why I ultimately decided to become a coach in the first place. 25% discount on products, and 25% commission. Not too shabby. And, no pressure to sell, ever. That’s what ultimately made me feel ok about my decision. I signed up and said “once this doesn’t work out for me, I’ll just be done with it” and I certainly could.

In 6 months, I made about $1,800. That’s covered my groceries in that time and then some. How cool is that.

As weird as it is, being a coach and having so many people “watching” me has motivated me beyond just my workouts. I’ve become more focused on this blog (even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it), planning my meals, and creating new recipes. I’ve learned to be less afraid of recipes with more than 4 ingredients, and tried some new combinations, too. Even though I haven’t reached my fitness goals yet, I know that my posts about my workouts, “that Shakeology thing,” and everything in between is going to help someone, whether I know it or not.

Something to be passionate about
I used to struggle with finding an answer to the question, “so, what do you do outside of work?” (see this post, too) It’s pretty great to have a little bit of an answer for it, now. I get to spend some of my after-work time helping others, from my couch, while watching TV…like I’m doing right now. Coaching gives me something to do with my time, while I’m connecting with new people, helping others, and helping myself.

This “coaching whatever thing” that confuses so many of the people around me isn’t something I plan to stop anytime soon. I jumped in not knowing what I was getting in to – thinking I would do it for a couple months and then jump out. So much has changed since then, and I can’t wait to see what other changes it brings.

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