What Else Should I Update You On?

I’m fortunate to have some really great friends. I’m unfortunate in that they are all over the country and the world right now. Skype has created the remedy to that.

As I’ve stated before, I much prefer face-to-face communication than text or email. For me, it feels more personal and builds a better relationship. Because of that, I don’t mind having hour long phone calls, or even staring at my computer screen talking on Skype. Last night, I spent nearly three hours video chatting with a close friend. Normally, lengthy conversations like that happen when I haven’t talked to someone in a while, but we talk on a fairly regular basis via text message or Facebook.

I think that everyone looks for those super long, deep, and insightful conversations with people. They’re a good opportunity to discover a little bit more about yourself and the person you’re talking to. In the movies, they happen while sitting on a beach, laying in a field, or one night in college. Last night, my friend and I didn’t do that, but that’s ok too. It was three hours of laughing, swapping stories, and saying “uhm, I can’t think of anything else going on in my life” and then sharing random thoughts that come to mind.

Thanks to modern technology, I have the opportunity to stay close to the people that are a big part of my life, even as they go on to travel the world!

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