This week has been a weird one, of course, because of the holiday season. I had ventured home for nearly a week, arrived home with a new furry friend, worked for two days, and then had more time off. Suddenly I found myself with a long weekend, and not too many plans.

Everyone I know around here was busy with family, so I had the chance to spend this weekend doing what I needed to get done, but also doing nothing, which, as many of you know, I’m not used to.

I made a fairly long to-do list for this weekend, and checked off most all of it, happily. It included hanging up photos, reorganizing, and getting some work done for the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus. I had a lot of time to do not too many things, so it left me with nothing but sitting on the couch, watching Parks and Recreation, reading Harry Potter, and petting my cat.

It was weird. I’m not very good at having hours of “me time” to just sit on the couch or lay in bed. I felt like I should be doing something, anything, rather than sitting around. I scheduled my errands for each day instead of doing it all at once to force myself out of my apartment, even went to the gym aside from my morning DVD workout routine (yep, I’m starting up on the 21 Day Fix tomorrow, more to come on that) just so that I could walk and read instead of sit and read.

Tomorrow everything heads back to “normal,” with the holidays over, and a return to a five day work week. I’m also starting to develop a more rigid schedule because I’m back to the 21 Day Fix (round two) tomorrow, and need to start thinking about a training schedule for…drumroll…another half marathon.

More to come!

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