This is Skidmore: Skylar Kergil ’13 and Jonnea Herman ’91

November 2018


This is Skidmore

This is Skidmore is the official podcast of Skidmore College, located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Each episode tells the unique stories of students, faculty, and staff at the college and shows what makes Skidmore…Skidmore.

In an effort to better embrace minority communities at Skidmore College, this episode welcomed author and Skidmore College alumnus Skylar Kergil to share his experience of undergoing sex reassignment surgery as a student. The episode also welcomed co-president of Queer Lives In Color Jonnea Herman to discuss the LGBTQ+ community at Skidmore.


  • Research and question development
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Executing interview, including studio setup and recording
  • Audio engineering and editing of the episode, including audio clean-up and music
  • Producing show notes


This is Skidmore: Skylar Kergil ’13 and Jonnea Herman ’18

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