“It’s all Geek to Me!”

Higher Education Web Professionals Regional Conference
April 2014

We’ve all gotten the emails, and we’ve all groaned loudly while reading them: “What’s a browser? Is that the blue ‘E’ on my screen?”; “I need to make a group on The Facebook for my club!”; “Can you print off the website for me?” The list goes on. We’ve all been just as guilty of replies that leave those people thinking, “do you even understand what I’m saying?” Our jobs require us to work with a wide variety of people in different departments across campus, and it is important to develop positive working relationships in order to easily manage tasks. Not everyone is technical or understands the jargon of our particular fields, but the best relationships are formed when we’re able to bridge the communication gap by better communicating with each other. When we can break down complex technical ideas into user-friendly bite-size nuggets, and drop the jargon, we can begin to understand each other and more easily accomplish the task at hand. In this session, learn about effective communication as we attempt to understand each other and develop a positive working relationship with those around us in order to reach the same end goal.