From Noob to Know it All: Helping Young Professionals Grow

June 2015

The Higher Education Web Professionals Association (HighEdWeb) is the international organization of professionals working to design, develop, manage and map the future of digital in higher education. Each fall, we come together at our Annual Conference and our related master-class intensive Academies, and we remain active year-round via our online member community and our LINK Online Journal.

Session Description

It’s your first day of your first job after graduating college, and you have no idea what to expect. Does everyone eat lunch together at the same time? Do I even get a lunch break? What do we talk about at staff meetings? How do I access my email? Hundreds of questions are generated by a young professional on the first day of the start of his career, but most are too timid to ask. Much like the first day of high school, a recent graduate stepping into the work force for the first time is trying simply to learn the culture of the workspace and fit in. Many of us forget those feelings as we grow comfortable in our careers, but it is important to remember them as a new, young, and growing professional enters our offices for the first time. In this session, learn from a young professional who has been in the field for less than two years as she explains the support she received from co-workers, and the best way to help the young professionals in your office reach their full potential.