Do It Yourself: Building an Emoji Keyboard In-House to Engage Alumni and Students

October 2017

The Higher Education Web Professionals Association (HighEdWeb) is the international organization of professionals working to design, develop, manage and map the future of digital in higher education. Each fall, we come together at our Annual Conference and our related master-class intensive Academies, and we remain active year-round via our online member community and our LINK Online Journal.

Session Description

😍, 🙌, even 💩. Communication is now more than text, and emojis have become the solution for explaining what words can’t. Social Media Coordinator Jackie Vetrano of Skidmore College had a dream of capturing the spirit of emojis as a way to engage with alumni and students. With collaboration between graphic designers, IT, and even student developers, the Skidmoji keyboard was created. Vetrano will explain the seemingly intimidating process of developing a homegrown keyboard, their goals, obstacles, outcomes, and plans for the future of communication at Skidmore College.