Other Duties as Assigned: Creating a Podcast

October 2017

The Higher Education Web Professionals Association (HighEdWeb) is the international organization of professionals working to design, develop, manage and map the future of digital in higher education. Each fall, we come together at our Annual Conference and our related master-class intensive Academies, and we remain active year-round via our online member community and our LINK Online Journal.

Session Description

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment they became “popular,” but series such as Serial, This American Life, and RadioLab elevated the popularity and creativity of podcasts, and it continues to rise. Now, new podcasts are produced every day on a variety of topics to suit any listener. Skidmore College was hesitant to dive into a new medium, especially because the Office of Communications and Marketing did not have a designated podcast producer or engineer on staff. This is Skidmore, an award-winning podcast now in its third season, was developed by Digital Engagement Manager Daniella Nordin and Social Media Coordinator Jackie Vetrano. The podcast serves as a marketing tool, engaging content to embed in webpage stories, and a means of sharing the story of what makes Skidmore, Skidmore. Vetrano will explain the planning process, tools for recording, distribution, and promotion of This is Skidmore.