Other Duties as Assigned: Creating a Podcast

eduWeb Digital Summit Annual Conference
August 2017

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment they became ‘popular-‘ but series such as Serial- This American Life- and RadioLab elevated the popularity and creativity of podcasts- and it continues to rise. Now- new podcasts are produced every day on a variety of topics to suit any listener. Skidmore College was hesitant to dive into a new medium- especially because the Office of Communications and Marketing did not have a designated podcast producer or engineer on staff.

This is Skidmore- a podcast now in its second season with hundreds of subscribers- was developed by Digital Engagement Manager Daniella Nordin and Social Media Coordinator Jackie Vetrano. The podcast serves as a marketing tool- engaging content to embed in webpage stories- and a means of sharing the story of what makes Skidmore- Skidmore. Nordin and Vetrano will explain the planning process- tools for recording- distribution- promotion- and ROI of This is Skidmore.

This presentation was awarded Best of Track: Web Tools and Hacks for the 2017 conference.