One Month Whirlwind

I tell myself that I’m going to blog every day, and I never do. I’m sorry, readers. I deserve to be unfollowed.

Life has been nothing short of stressful for the past two weeks. As noted in my previous post, I’m moving from Rochester to Albany, but the amount of stress makes it feel as though I’m leaving to go to Australia.

Moving is never easy, for a lot of reasons. First, the emotion and nerves. I’m leaving my friends to head to a new city which I know nothing about. It’s not fun to say goodbye to people for what may be the last time – not fun at all. My family lives in Buffalo, and I quickly realized that I have no true reason to ever come back to Rochester (or Batavia, where I currently work). Each time as I say, “I’ll be back to visit, no worries!” I think to myself, no, I won’t. That’s what makes this move the hardest. I’ve left only a little piece of myself in Rochester, but not enough to come back for it.

Then, there’s the actual move. With less than a month to learn a new city, find an apartment, ensure I am approved, cancel current memberships (ca-ching, ca-ching), change my mailing address, pack, find a moving company, and work out a timeline for move-in, I can hardly figure out which way is up. Sprinkle in all the loose ends to tie up at work and the countless goodbye lunches and dinners, and I’m exhausted by 9pm each day.

Happily, I have found an apartment in Albany, and arranged a move-in date. There are empty boxes all over my living room that have yet to be filled, but it’s a start. The “to-do-before-I-leave” list started as a fairly short list, but as I began to think about everything (mailing addresses, prescriptions, bank statements…) it seemed to grow overnight. I was drowning in tasks, but am now back to a manageable number of empty check boxes.

In just over a week, I am leaving town. I am leaving my friends, my job, scooting further from my family, and facing a new set of challenges that I can’t even dream of. It’s an exciting opportunity to learn and grow, and I promise I’ll be better at documenting it, so that all of you can grow along with me.

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