New Year New Resume

Yep, I’m going to stretch “new year new ____” as long as humanly possible. Hate it? Don’t care!

I work a lot with students, talking about a professional online presence. I tell them about what’s good and bad to post on Facebook (hint, those pictures of you drunk at that party probably aren’t the best thing), what to include on a website if they choose to create one, what their LinkedIn should look like…and a ton of other things. Half the time, I don’t really follow my own advice.

I took a lot of time to revamp my website (feedback encouraged!) when I was job-hunting, switching platforms from over to WordPress and folding my blog into the mix. I was struggling with combining the personal and professional sides of me; knowing that my website would more than likely be featured exclusively on my business card, but struggling to find a place for my recipes, personal stories, and journey as a twentysomething.

So, I took a chance and put it all in one place. And, with the new year and a new job, I chose to adapt the same theory with my latest project: redesigning my resume. It’s a task that many of us absolutely dread. Dealing with font sizes, coming up with synonyms for “creative,” and somehow capturing yourself, completely, on a sheet of paper.

Going through my work experience, presentations, and volunteer activities made me stop for a second and smile. WOW. All the opportunities I’ve had professionally and personally, when laid out in a list, is pretty awesome to reflect on. Granted, I still had the headache of overall layout and getting everything to fit right, but it’s nice to get a little ego boost, right?

I would recommend to everyone, even if you’re nowhere close to looking for a new job, to take a minute and refresh your resume. Think of the things you do outside of work, the skills you’ve gained, and what that means for you professionally. It’s actually a pretty neat experience!

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