New Pinboard: Mood Swings

I love Pinterest. Sometimes.

I have a bunch of Pinboards for workouts I keep telling myself to do, clothes I can’t afford, ideas for my new apartment, and even a shared board with two other friends called “a day of pinning,” where we put recipes, facials, crafts, and anything else up for us to one day do together.

But sometimes, I can’t stand Pinterest. My newsfeed (is that what it’s called? pin-feed? news-pins?) is a mix of four things:

1. Teacher things. Dear, dear, dear friends. I do not care if you found amazing fill in the blank math questions, coloring pages, genius teacher binder organization techniques, or cute stamps for grading tests. I scroll right past all of these things.

2. Wedding things. A constant reminder of my sad, pathetic, non existent love life. Granted, I now have considered a color scheme for my wedding, but that makes me more depressed. I don’t want to think about the “cutest” way to ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding, because I don’t even know who those people are yet.

3. Recipes. First of all, every food in the world is represented on Pinterest and made into a smoothie. I am constantly exposed to lettuce wraps next to double fudge triple chocolate ice cream cake underneath a list of lunches that are “less than 200 calories.” This is where my mood swing begins.

4. Workouts. This is the worst part of my constant mental imbalance that comes with my decision to use Pinterest as a time-killer. Every third pin is giving me advice on speed training, ways to shrink my muffin top, or the best “no crunch ab workout.”

To constantly flip between delicious fattening foods, suggestions for detoxing water, and new workouts or diets puts me in a mood that I can only describe as S:DKGHSSD:FKSD. It’s a real hit to the self esteem (and motivation) when you see that many contradictory things, especially when you’re trying to live a healthier life.

Usually, I just get irritated and go back to Facebook.

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