Juggling Jobs

Cash is king, that’s what it comes down to.

Aside from my regular, full time, salaried job, I freelance and also work as a part-time Marketing Director. It’s a lot of time, but makes me a nice amount of money that I can put in an account and not touch unless I TRULY need it, or want to spend it on big things, like travel or family…or emergencies, I guess.

The question I keep asking myself (especially lately), is is it worth it? What truly is the value of my time and my sanity? It is already incredibly apparent that I can’t handle a lot of stress anymore and need some time for myself, but having the money to go on a trip or even save to go back to school or get a new car is really nice. I feel comfortable and secure, but at the sake of my mental health.

So, what’s the answer? Work hard now to play hard later? Or work a moderate amount to potentially panic about money down the road? I’m not sure.

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