“Healthy” Choices

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to have a fun visitor to keep me company. Because most colleges are on fall break, it was a great opportunity to have a close friend come and say hello to help me adjust to this new city.

Whenever we’re together, we make pretty unhealthy choices. All you can eat sushi, frozen yogurt, and my favorite, raw cookie dough while we complain about relationships, work, stress, and the future.

IMG_0150It’s been a while since we’ve been together, so naturally we did all of those things. I started to panic internally about all of it. Calorie counts and Weight Watcher points were flashing through my head, freaking me out that all of the hard work I’ve put in would be put to waste.

Somewhere between my fifth and sixth serving of raw cookie dough I thought about it. I’ve spent over a year building up healthy habits, changing my exercise routine, and working hard. One weekend won’t change that, and one weekend won’t ruin me. It’s not a license to go crazy and eat half a tube of the value-size Pillsbury because the family size wasn’t on the shelf (oh…wait.), but it shouldn’t be a weekend of restraint and deprivation, either.

This weekend made me feel a little more comfortable with the city, but not by much. It’s a learning experience, and it takes time to learn a new city and meet new people.

We did our usual routine of being reunited – sushi, frozen yogurt, bad TV, and cookie dough, but also took the time to take a walk in the morning through the park, watch the Bills and a Bills Backers bar, and learned that the mall closes at 6pm on Sundays (is this a regular thing?). It was just nice to be with a friend this weekend.

My support system within a 10 mile radius is small, but outside of that, it’s strong and larger. It’s nice to have it, and know that even though I’ve moved to a new place, I can rely on people through technology and random visits. With all change, adjusting takes time, especially with something as big as this.

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