I began my fitness journey at nearly 190 pounds, with a BMI classified as overweight, dancing close to obese. I was embarrassed of my body, especially my midsection and bloated face, and didn’t know how to change. In college, I told myself time and time again that I would start going to the gym and eating healthy. I would get on the treadmill once or twice a week, maybe only have one cookie instead of two, and stayed frustrated about the way I looked.

I tried to walk through life confidently, but I found myself comparing my body to those around me, picking apart each and every flaw. It wasn’t until just after I graduated college that I was pushed by my mom to join Weight Watchers. I felt embarrassed, for some reason, that this was my fate. I was the youngest but not the heaviest in the room each week, and lost nearly 15 pounds by learning about portion control and discussing the ups and downs of my week with a room full of strangers.

Screen-Shot-2015-06-10-at-4.28.15-PMIn that time, I started to run. I’ve never been considered athletic or graceful, with my sport of choice being bowling in high school and tap dancing for several years. Once I was convinced to sign up for a color run, I was motivated to start running only so that I wouldn’t look like a total fool when I attempted my first 5K race in public. After I started running and racing in the community, I was hooked. I was never the fastest, but I had fun every time. I chose to sign up for a half marathon, filled with nerves. I completed it, and two more since. My training journey was filled with highs and lows, from PRs to injury, but completing those half marathons are accomplishments that I will never forget.

I am not quite to where I would like to be, based on my weight, BMI, and the way I look and feel about myself, but I know I have come a long way. I can run further than I ever thought possible, and can fit into pants I hadn’t in a long time.

Because of this, and my positive experience with Beachbody, I have lost nearly 30 pounds and gained an incredible community. I jumped into coaching, which simply means that I support others as they move through their own fitness journeys, and found so much more than a network to be a part of. I quickly realized that motivating others has motivated me to move forward, making me stronger every day.

Feeling hungry?

Throughout this journey, I have learned a lot about clean eating and simple ways to make my meals have some pizzaz. Each recipe I find has its own flair, and is simple to make. Many recipes I’ve found online and tweaked myself, or pulled straight from a clean eating cookbook, Fixate.

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