Finding the Balance

Ah October. You’ve been so busy I didn’t even get the chance to say hello.

From conferences to birthdays to family gatherings, I’ve barely been in my apartment this month, which means a few things. The first is that I haven’t gone food shopping in almost a month. Concerning? Slightly. The second is that I haven’t been able to see my friends in the area/make new ones. I often joke that I don’t have friends anymore, which isn’t true….I have friends, they’re just all over the place! And the ones that live right around me all have their own busy schedules, so it’s tough to mold mine enough to see them. That’s where I need to find the balance. (See what I did there? I should write a book or something…)

“So where is this going?” you’re now reading to yourself. Good question, friend. Good question. I’ve been having trouble balancing finding new friends and holding on to old ones, while simultaneously balancing having a social life with everything else that’s going on. It’s like riding a unicycle on a tightrope. And I would know, because I do that daily. What’s hard is when I have to make the choice between attempting to strengthen new relationships or validate old ones. My opinion? I shouldn’t have to make a choice. It shouldn’t even be a “choice.” Relationship maintenance is important but I always end up feeling like I insulted someone, which is upsetting and annoying and stressful…something I don’t need.

So what am I taking away from all this? First that I ramble. Sorry all. Thanks for sticking with me. More importantly, I’m realizing that I can’t make everyone happy, and if I do make everyone happy, I won’t be, which still doesn’t turn into a win-win-win situation.

To end on a positive note, at least I’m fortunate enough to have friends in the area, and the ability to go out and meet some new people!


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