“Don’t Make Me Raise My Voice!”

Tonight it took me an extra hour to drive home from work because of miserable snow and low visibility. There was a very small (well, 20 minute long) moment in time where I thought I would have to pull over and spend the night in my office…or my car. It was terrifying.

What was more upsetting about the whole thing was that TWO DAYS AGO I was sitting on a beach in a swimsuit concerned that I was going to get sunburned…and right in that moment in my car I was on the verge of tears because I had flashes of panic about ending up in a snowy ditch.

This past weekend, I finally got to go on my first ever Bus With Wings trip that my father has been organizing annually for 17 years. Essentially, it’s a big group (about 60) of Buffalo Bills fans who get together and fly to watch the Bills at an away game. This year it was in Tampa.

Naturally I won’t go into the specific details of the entire four day weekend, but some of the highlights include being yelled at by a flight attendant before the trip even really started, sitting on a beach in December, a boat tour, meeting TONS of new people, and drinking…lots of drinking.

From a healthy/weight loss standpoint, the trip was miserable. Drinking all the time, eating large meals, all that stuff. But, I at least chose the healthy-ish things, and went on a run…once. I had a hard time figuring out the line between “I’m on vacation” and “I’m trying to stay healthy” when I first landed, but by the end of the trip I had finally figured it out. It’s four days…nope, I won’t lose a ton (or any, most likely) of weight this weekend. Does that mean I can eat an entire chocolate cake? No, but can I have a reasonably sized slice – yes.

Weight loss is pretty easy when you’re on a schedule, but when you add in “life,” it’s a whole new challenge. There’s good and bad moments but you just have to keep rolling, and stay focused.

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    1. We were waiting in the gate and everyone was talking to each other, generating more noise than usual. Obviously, when you have 60 people in one space talking, it gets a little loud, especially when usually there isn’t much conversation in an airport gate. The woman at the desk was trying to make an “important announcement” regarding a missing kindle and that the plane was overbooked, and screamed “DON’T MAKE ME RAISE MY VOICE.” into…a microphone…with a volume knob…

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