Another Pinterest Post

A very long time ago, I posted this about my love/hate relationship with Pinterest.

I decided to try liking it today, reorganizing my Pinboards and cleaning some things up. I found some recipes that I know I would never make, fitness regimens I just don’t want to do, and decorating ideas I’m not interested in anymore.

What I was really excited about was my newest Pinterest board for Higher Ed Social. Now, our episodes aren’t just sitting on iTunes and on our website, but out on Pinterest to share with a whole new audience. So, check them out, listen and share…please! There’s also the Pinterest “map” feature, which I never found a use for until now. Each of our guests are from a different college or university across the country, which I tried to put on the map. Pinterest pulls its data from Foursquare, which yields some interesting results and takes much longer than it really should.

I was also excited to find and re-organize recipes to fit my new clean-eating lifestyle. With most recipes I find on Pinterest, I alter a little to be a little more clean or make less servings, so I have been writing up my own recipes based on the ones I find, and posting them to my blog! Thinking back to even a year ago, I was eating mostly chicken or tacos for lunch and dinner, with maybe one “new” attempt each month. Now, I find myself having three or four different types of food at my disposal for the week, and trying new things all the time. Hooray, adulthood!

So, of course, check out my new, clean Pinterest, and let me know what you think! I’ll be adding some more boards soon, like songs to listen to during a workout, and fun fitness gear!

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